Illegal Formation

Apologies for the late upload, the holidays and technology escaped us.  We talk the picks for Week 17, eSports, and surprising success for some other NY sports.  Happy New Year Everyone!

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In this episode, it's bowlarama! The guys predict every last bowl game. Also we wish a fond farewell to Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese

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Did you miss us? We missed you!  Chris is extremely jet lagged after returning from Japan. I do not think he knows what time zone, location, etc. he is in at the recording of the episode, but he is alive and present.... somewhat.  John has found solace is in football season with early season success in basketball.  Join us for Week 13 picks and playoff picture projections.

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This week, John forgot to put up last week's podcast so you get two! We talk about the baseball playoffs, Jets Joy, and Giants sadness

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This week, Chris was busy with his Sister's wedding, so instead we have a previously recorded interview with Anthony Ianni of Autism Speaks!

You can find more information about Autism Speaks at the link:

Also check out the relentless tour:

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This week, John was in for a dental procedure during our recording day, so instead we have a previously recorded interview with Sean James of Athlete Ally!

You can find more information about Athlete Ally at the link:

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The boys are back! We talk about season over/under, make week 1 predictions, and as always, get mad at the NFL for some dumb thing they went and did.

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We briefly discuss the Final Four and the NCAA Championship.  Sorry Zags!  

Then, we dive in with an interview with Brian Tuohy, author of the books The Fix Is In: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NASCARLarceny Games: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing, and the FBIDisaster Government: National Emergencies, Continuity of Government and YouA Season in the Abyss: Sports Gambling Vs. the NFL's Integrity, and many contributions to Vice Sports and Bleacher Report.

Two books, mentioned in the pod, that inspired his writing are:

- Interference: How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football - by Dan Moldea

- They Call It A Game - by Bernie Parrish


After this interview, we want to leave you dear listeners with one thought: Pro Wrestling is honest in its existence as scripted entertainment and can pull in as much or more audience share per show than other major sports, so would the other major sports have anything to lose if they pulled back the curtain revealing whether or not they were scipted??  

Let us know your thoughts and get back to us via twitter.

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John has a case of March Sadness after Kentucky loses, so Chris let him talk just a ton about Wrestlemania. Also there was basketball, baseball, gushing about the Fast and Furious series, and a bit of football news.

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Chris goes Crazy for Xavier. Debate the proper billing of the Jericho. Ranger's Lord Stanley Strategery.  All that & more of this week's Illegal Defense!

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In this episode, John forgets to put the podcast up on time, gets 2 upsets right and one upset incredibly wrong. Chris is less wrong.

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John and Chris wrap up the 2016 season by talking about the greatest super bowl in history, the greatest coach/qb in history, and the opposite of the greatest owner in history.

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wait, the LI does not mean Long Island? 



It means 51? Oh darn! Well we chat this week about the game, our picks, all of the exotic bets that surround the Super Bowl this year.  Hopefully it will be a sign that the best of you will be picking smartly.  You can win HUGE, bigly!  This is not an alternative fact, that is for sure!


We are going to make it after all!


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The boys are back after a week long siesta. They discuss the NFL Playoffs so far, Championship week, and John Gruden coming out of the bullpen.

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Chris and John go wild on this episode of the Illegal Formation Podcast. So Wild, that it's totally uncut and unedited!

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As 2016 comes to a close, we get a visit to the studio by our good friend and resident expert Ryan.  Be amazed as he lays down the knowledge regarding his picks, along with ours, for the last week of the regular season.  With three people on the show, do we go off the rails? Tune in to find out!

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The Giants win the Cadillac and the Coffee for closing, The Jets close and all they got was a lousy set of steak knives, and Jeff Fisher came in third place and won "You're Fired".

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The episode you've all been waiting for returns. Much like the Simpson's Treehouse of Horror




The real winners of the bowl games is Middle Tennessee because they have spent consecutive years in both Bahamas and Hawaii.  Talk about school sponsored vacations! We chat Week 14 NFL games and predictions for each of the Bowl Games!

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John and Chris are back at it again! They talk about Ohio State creating sadness, sports owners, and of course, predict the week 13 lines.

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At long last the boys are back in town! This week Chris and John talk about Week 11 NFL Lines, Attempt to talk about hockey advanced stats, and put the podcast up really late in the week!

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So we record as Game 7 of the world series is playing. John is distracted.  We squeak out some week 9 picks, college football, and some World Series play by play.  Enjoy!

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Chris hates the number 7 and Clowns, so we decided to miss a week because it was Week 7 and Chris encountered some clowns.  Anyway, we go into Week 8 picks, the unthinkable World Series, College Football, NBA and NHL previews.  

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 In this episode: Chris and John talk about Week 6 Lines, Cubs Magic, and football seasons already over.

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In this week's episode, we talk the Week 5 lines, MLB playoffs, and doom the Mets.

Next Week: John learns to set the correct date in a timed release!

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So we are discussing the Week 4 of the NFL season and the development of the playoff picture.  Chris is still recovering from his visit to the happiest place on earth.

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The Football hard count down! We go in on our picks this week and jump into college football and the Wild Card Race for MLB.  

Better stay on your toes as we bring into the no-huddle podcast!

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Chris channels even more of his inner Carnac (unless John just gives them away) by guessing what the lines will be for the NFC teams and we pick the over/unders each team and how they will perform this year.  We also pick division winners (SPOILER: Packers, Panthers) and division losers (SPOILER: 49ers, 49ers)


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Chris channels his inner Carnac the Magnificent by guessing what the lines will be for the AFC teams and we pick a part each team and how they will preform this year.  We also pick our division winners and wild card contenders.  We also briefly talk about MLB as the playoff race heats up and some conversation for movies to watch!


Catch this and more on the latest illegal formation!



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John and Chris talk about the NHL/NBA playoffs, Villanova, and VILLANOVA.


We also sign off until the NFL season begins, thanks for listening to our One Shining Moment!

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Chris and John talk about the Final Four, Wrestlemania, and the Warriors.

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This weeks illegal defense is less like March Madness and more like March Sadness. We talk about Stone Cold Steve (F) Austin's near sweet 16, Northern Iowa's total disaster, Syracuse vs Gonzaga being an actual real not fake sweet 16 game, and how Chris isn't so Sparty anymore.

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We're back! John and Chris talk about the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament, NFL free agency, and preview the MLB season.

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We close out Super Bowl 50 with Episode 25!  We review the super bowl and how underwhelming it was, talk about the halftime show and the highlights of Bruno and Bey, and some super commercials.  

We catch up with some Basketball, both NBA and college, some wrestling, as well as a PSA on CTE! You don't want to miss out!

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In this episode, we talk about the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl, and the Super Bowl.

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It's the Jordan Episode!  Number 23!  For the Third Time!  Say What?!


We review the Conference Championship games and desperately avoid talking about Super Bowl Related Material to save it for next week.  We start to explore some talk about basketball and some entertainment things and stuff.



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I had a fun and witty post up, but it got deleted in the trials and tribulations of uploading the episode and it got deleted.  You will enjoy this one in its place. Sorry!



Also, Chris sort of loses his mind.... 



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The boys are back, and they talk about the wild card games, the CFP National Championship, the upcoming Divisional Round, and have an extra long David Bowie theme song.

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For other teams, not for the Jets, Giants, Bills, or Lions. Bummer.

We talk about Wild Card Week, Black Monday (and Wednesday), teams moving to LA, and the CFP Championship.

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So we approach the final week of the NFL season, Jets have a good shot at making the playoffs and the Giants will be out on the green working on their short game.  One of us hopes and prays that his team clinches a playoff birth, while the other weeps at another losing season.  We go over the playoff hopes and dreams of the teams till in it and we talk about the last preseason game for some teams who are playing a meaningless game unless they are backups competing for spots next year.


We also talk about the chances for the teams in the hunt for the College Football Championship and their playoff chances. We go in complete opposite directions, one who chooses with his head and the other choosing with his heart, potentially.  


Oh and a podcast first!

RIP Lemmy! RIP Meadowlark!

On the banks of Red Cedar

Go Green! Go White!

Victory For MSU!

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We talk about Playoffs. (Jim Mora Joke goes here)

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I don't know about you, but I am complete excited for tomorrow!  But before we lose our minds over Star Wars, we've got football to watch and talk about!


The Giants and Jets,both have the opportunity to make it into the playoffs.  Sadly, the road ahead for the Jets is much more difficult than the Giants and at a record of 11-5, at best, could not make the playoffs.  The Giants could limp into the playoffs at 7-9 and this is all an absolute travesty! Let's hope for the best for our boys.


 Anyway,   We recap what happened week 14 and how we were not impressed with the product on the field and what we expect for week 15. 

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In this episode, Chris is Happy, John is sad, everything else is battletoads(or frogs).


Also we talk about every college bowl. Yes, all of them.

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Hey Gang,


December is here so we are closing in on Conference Championships in College Football and the last quarter of the Football season so it feels bittersweet. Football season just flies by!  Anyway, we cover some of the possibilities of who can get into the College Football Playoff and dive into Week 13 of the NFL season, but not necessarily in that order.


We cover briefly some of the exciting developments in basketball with the emergence for  KP! We love Kristaps! and We say goodbye to Kobe.  Come Join us on this amazing episode!

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Chris is super happy about Sparty! He's super not happy about Jetty! John is totally indifferent about all of it....ty! They can't all be winner folks. Featuring the most we've ever talked about college football in a single episode probably ever.

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We're joined by Steve Silver from the Illegal Blitz to talk about the recent ban by New York State of One Day Fantasy betting. Then we make our Week 11 Picks, and talk a bit about College Football. Sorry other sports, this is about Football!

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Meow, we are well under way in November and halfway through the football season, beginning to see the pretenders and the contenders.  Seeing some bright positive future potential and seeing some legends show their mortality.  


We cover the optimist and pessimist view of the teams that played week 9 and make our picks from week 10.  We talk about some of the interesting College Football Games of the Week.


 Also, Chris cries over the Michigan State loss.  The second consecutive week of disappointing losses for him and he is trying to cope.  Let's hope for the best for him.

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The Mets, as usual, have greatly disappointed Chris. It is a sore topic. Don't talk to him about it.  He can be seen quoting Ricky Bobby ("If you're not first, you're last!") and occasional sobs in the corner.  He seems to be getting better now.  


Back to Football.  It's week 9, so we have made it to the halfway point in the season.  We talk the lines for the games of the week and finish up with a recap of the top 4 in the College Football Playoff rankings and the meaningful games this week.   I would say there are 3 college games that are more entertaining than most of the NFL games coming up this week, except for maybe Packer Panthers.  


Please help us update our logo! We could really use your help!

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Let's Go Mets Let's Go Mets Let's Go Mets Let's Go Mets Let's Go Mets Let's Go Mets!

Ehhhh.... Ahem...

Sorry guys, we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to inform you that the Mets are in the World Series. As you all know, Chris is just a big Mets fan and John has been swept up in the Tsunami known as Fall Baseballitis. This wonderful illness is contagious for those whose team has been eliminated from the playoffs and they root for the other local team! Good Job, John!  

So we sort of breeze through the Week 8 games and the college football games and do a bit of an in depth analysis of the Mets and Royals Matchup in the World Series.

So, you do not like baseball or football, this podcast is not for you.

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(The Giants, The Wolverines, The Yankees, Everything is sad for John)

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We're officially past the quarter pole of the NFL season, so Chris and John give progress reports to every NFL team.


The boys also talk about the most important college game in the history of this podcast, make our week 6 picks, and scream loudly into the microphone.

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The leaves are turning, regular season baseball has ended, and hockey begins!  Norm from Dudes On Stuff comes back to discuss NHL 2015-2016 previews and playoff predictions. 

We also delve into some pick for the NLDS and ALDS.  As well as address the sadness of the loss of the Yankees in the Wild Card to the Astros who will probably lose to the Royals.

We come back to football with our Week 5 picks, but Chris seems out of it because his Jets are in their Bye Week, so he was on a mental Bye Week as well.  And we round out the night with our College Games of the Week and our picks.



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In this episode, Brandon Marshall is a bad quarterback, The Rams are on fire! (Literally!) and we go to London (Figuratively).


We also talk about college and Chris talks about the Mets! (John doesn't talk about the Yankees, it's a sadness.)

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It's week 3 of the NFL season, that means week 2 you saw many previously though of "Good" teams go 0 - 2, and some teams come out with unexpected wins.  Is there more Parity in the NFL or is this just a sign of the times as the players still look like they are coming out of preseason?  Anyway, I had enough of a BOLD prediction and I witnessed while I was losing my voice the stellar defense of the Jets smother the Colts.  The Jets should prevail in week 3 vs. Eagles without much hesitation.  

We also go over College football developments and root for excellence, like the Spartans.

Chris also wants to scream every time John attempts to KOD the Mets. ROAR!

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This week we talk about how being a Mets and Jets fan is the height of rapture. at least for now.

We also talk about how being a Giants and Yankees fan is an endless pit of despair from which there is no escape, ever!

Also we talk about how football works, which is apparently something Eli Manning forgot!

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And it has finally arrived!  We talk about week 1 lines for the NFL and the first full week of College Football! I am so happy I can squeal! 

And if John has upset you, you can reach him @RidleyDragon on Twitter. Go get 'em!

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It's more Season win totals! This time it's the AFC, we once again do over/unders and pick division winners and wild cards. FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY!!

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WARRRRRRRIORSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Come out and play-e-ayyyyy! Why?


Because Illegal Formation Podcast is back and ready to rock another exciting NFL season.  Ww are just breaking the teams down one by one, starting with the NFC.  We make our picks of the wins lines and who we think will take each division and the two wild card spots.  Tune in to find out more!

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The finale of the Illegal Defense podcast for 2015! We talk (briefly) about Duke winning, the Frozen Four, and the NHL Playoffs.

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This week we recap sweet 16, elite 8, and then make our picks for Final 4.  Then John tells us a pleasant naptime story about Wrestlmania and then we bring you MLB previews!

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We discuss some of the highs and lows of the first weekend of the Dance, including John's March Sadness pick.  We discuss Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight.  Then we bring you the Frozen Four picks, and some news from the NFL owners meetings.

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Your favorite podcasters are back!  We are back bringing you our picks for the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournement!

We also discuss, briefly, fantasy hockey, MLB teaser, "epic" boxing matches, and athletes turned actors!



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I would have posted some text in this box, but I died.

Direct download: Season_2_Episode_22.mp3
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In this podcast Chris and John talk about the Super Bye Week, Super Seahawks, Super Patriots, Super Footballs, Super Wrestling, and THE SUPER BOWL!!!!

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This week, John's editing the podcast! I have no idea what to put in this box, so I'm going to use this space to declare myself the champion of the illegal formation podcast on Championship week! I gave a 110%, a full good job good effort, ate right every morning, practiced twice a day, and it all led to this moment. I'd like to thank the fans, the Illegal Formation Commissioner, my mouth, and my brain. Oh and I guess Chrim or Chrus or whatever the other guy's name is.


Also we talk about how Peyton Manning might be done, how Tom Brady might be not, and Andrew the Giant.

Direct download: Season_2_Episode_20.mp3
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Hope you all were able to welcome in the new year happy and healthy.  Just make sure you don't get food poisoning from any beverage or food, cause that is not going to be any fun.  Anyway, back to football, Chris had a 4-2 win-loss ratio *chuckle*.  John, not so much.   We talk at length for the Divisional round and the College Football Playoff between Oregon and Ohio State, where we agree to think it is Ducks over Bucks.  All Ohio State fans we welcome your hate mail/tweets.  Also, we went on a detour, spoke about baseball for quite a bit.  


Just want to take a moment and say thank you to a legend and inspiration, Stuart Scott.  Rest in Peace, you beat cancer by the way you lived.  May your family be comforted as they mourn your passing.



Direct download: S2E19.mp3
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Interesting week for Michigan football fans.  Detroit Lions are in the playoffs and have a decent shot against the Dallas Cowboys, especially with Suh suspension was brought down to a fine.  Jim Harbaugh was annouced as the new University of Michigan.  We also talk the rest of the picks for Wild Card playoff weekend, New Years Day bowl games, and introduce the "Cool Story, Bro" concluding segment.  

Also, John has developed a love of theme songs, and youll see why and more, here on the Illegal Formation.



Direct download: S2E18.mp3
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Ho ho ho!  Happy holidays everyone. Enjoy your Hanukkah bush or your Christmas tree.  Most teams are either in the playoffs or have no shot now. It's almost like the NFL edition of "Whose line is it anyway?"  For the NFC, the teams are locked up, just a matter of positioning due to common games.  We talk our picks for week 17, and somehow end the podcast talking about TV.  


Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Direct download: S2E17.mp3
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Chris has been having fever dreams after the Jets recent win and reality is setting in that Marcus is becoming further and further of a possibility.  Heck, even 3the nightmare inducing Jameis Winston seems unlikely.  Well, while he will be miserable for the next few years, it's time to talk picks!  Chris broke even and John, surprisingly, had a winning week!  We make our picks, playoff scenario discussions.  We take some time to discuss the legacy of Kobe and how it may have implications after passing MJ's points mark.



Direct download: S2E16.mp3
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Welcome to SickCast! Errr. well, that's what it will feel like when you listen in. It was a case of cold ContaJohn... ha ha ha.  We discuss the Week 15 lines and ALL of the College Bowl games. Yes, you read that right, ALL!  So this is an episode you are not going to want to miss! Although, you probably will want to miss on the being sick part.



Direct download: S2E15.mp3
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Thanksgiving week is in the books, some succeeded and other did not. For some NY Metro fans, the season is over and are already looking to hope in hockey, basketball, or, by gosh golly, baseball, some begrudging football fans continue on.   As we weep for our teams, we also pick and discuss the top performers and winners of this week. We then break into more continued discussion of the CFP and the current rankings, as well as the contenders who could sneak in and who might drop out.  

Direct download: S2E14.mp3
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Hey there Gang,

      So we haven't been having the best of luck picking our games, so many you can do your best to take heed what we say?  Well, to be honest, we are definitely thankful for you guys, our loving listeners.  Chris is thankful for John calling out her on air mistakes, like inverting 7 - 4 with 4 - 7 talking about the NFC South, sucha dreadful division.   John is thankful for Odell Beckham Jr.'s catch, keeping him watching football (and this awesome podcast).  

       As usual, we chat about our week 13 picks and what we think is going on for Rivalry Week for college football and possible College Football Playoff implications, and a quick minute with Thanksgiving Turkey Tips!


Hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving and stay safe for the holiday shopping, juke, jive, and shimmy if you have to..... or even if you want, too!



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So we are talking our depressing results from last week, our week 12 picks, college football chat, Mock Draft for 2015, and John's new segment: Gratitude Judgment!!!


Special Shoutout to Mike St. James and the Wines by the Flask Podcast! check them out!



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Who are you?


We are your friendly neighborhood football fans bringing you your week 11 picks and wrapping up how well we did in week 10.  We also start looking at the playoff picture as it begins to reveal itself.  Then we break into a college  review of the picture going on there.  You can catch Chris later coming out of the T.A.R.D.I.S.

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Hey Folks,

         We started out thinking that this would have been a short podcast, but it turns out we know how to go mucher further than intended. OH WELL! We go through the usual: a rundown of week 9, go through our picks for week 10, get pumped for an exciting weekend of college football, and other related sports news.

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It is an off week for us this week.  Chris and John have a been downturn in their picks performance as odd things happen in NFL. Perhaps it was the proximity to Halloween or perhaps it is the fact that it is all about "any given Sunday?"  It was also a seemingly so sports news week (I am bitter about how the World Series ended, as thrilling as the series was).  We do a rundown of some of the results from last week and make our picks for week 9.  It's the halfway point, everybody. Th season seems like it is flying by.

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Hey guys! We talk Week 8 lines and picks, John gets really excited for College Football (Chris created a monster),  and we briefly rundown the NBA preview, but we could always go more in depth if you need!  

Direct download: S2E8.mp3
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We congratulate the Royals on making it to the World Series, and sum up what we think is going to happen in the remainder of the the playoffs.  Then we get down to the brass tax taking about Week 7 lines and our picks.  We conclude with our picks and an update on college football.  

Stay tuned for the mentioned interview with Justin.


We have some really exciting stuff for you this week, hope you enjoy!



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We have Norm from the Dudes On Stuff podcast as we talk the start of the hockey season, who we think will do well, make the playoffs, and win the Cup.  We also break into our usual routine and talk Week 6 Football picks.


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This week we are honored with a guest, from The Legal Blitz (, Steve joins us as we gander deeper into the world of sports law.  We discuss social media for lawyers, the blurry line for agents and lawyers with respect to the NCAA, FIFA women's turf discrimination suit, and a multitude of NFL legal issues.  

Oh yeah, and your favorite weekly lines and picks!

You can reach us at:







Enjoy your day!


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Week 4 lines and picks.


Thank you, Captain!

- @IFormationCast

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Hey Folks,

     We are talking Week 2 disappointments, Week 3 picks....




Why is there a random.... *timeout* what? You don't belong there!  Stahhhhp!  We also briefly review some College games, and the College game of the week.

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Chris and John are back! They talk about Week 2 lines, Sanford College, and Bougie.

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Episode XIX:  Why we are a Football Podcast or Why Golf is the worst spectator sport

In this episode we cover the Final Four Championship, Northwestern NLRB ruling, start of baseball season, NHL and NBA playoff possibilities, NFL free agency, and something about Golf.

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John and Chris talk about, Carmelo Anthony, and Micheal Sam.

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Chris and John talk about, where Ryan Miller might be going, and Carmelo Anthony.

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Chris with the Super Bowl MVP Trophy

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Chris and John are back! We talk about Championship Sunday, A-Rod, and Upper Midwest Accents.

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Episode XV: Where Football Meets Bitcoins

Wait, what?  Yes, you read that correctly, that's where this episode goes.  If you can find the logical connection, don't be afraid to tweet us how we got there, because as I publish this podcast, I don't quite remember how.  You can find us @IFormationCast @CTMetz or @RidleyDragon , or leave a message on the Facebook page,

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This week, John and Chris talk about a horrible week of football, a horrible basketball team, and calmly discuss collisions at home plate.

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We don't talk about basketball, the Knicks, or the Nets. It's just too depressing. Instead we talk about week 12 of the NFL! And also about the Knicks. Because we're masochists.

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We talk about philosophy, sociology, and the wonders of Noam Chomsky. Just kidding, we talk mostly about football.

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We talk about week 10 lines, the Incognito-Martin Saga, College Football, Hockey, and basketball. 

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Please excuse this week's podcast as we had some difficulties in the making of it. I did my best to edit all the garbage out, but hey- you have some Easter eggs to look for! :-P

We talk NBA preview, Week 9 football, some hockey, and recap the World Series!

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Hey Folks,

      We go over the Week 8 lines, briefly talk about the World Series, and  address the sarcity of QBs in the NFL.

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This episode we talk about the Week 7 lines, extreme hypothetical trades, and hey, let's throw in some baseball, too!

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Hey guys,

While one half of our team is upset and sobbing in the corner, the other has been basking in his picks glory and enjoying his birthday!  We talk Week 6 lines, MLB NLCS, and WE HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST!!!! Chris' good friend, Brandon M Taylor, owner of Red Seven Sports, LLC.  He joins the conversation on his experience in sports, what inspired him to become a sports agent, and enlightens the listeners on some of his insights.

    Brandon is a certified NFLPA agent, MLS agent, and MLB recruiter.  Yes, we do talk soccer/football on our podcast! You can find Brandon on twitter: @Brandonmsm or @redsevensports. Also you can check out his website at

Don't forget to comment, review, favorite, etc. on iTunes, Tunein, or Stitcher. You can always find us on @IFormationCast, Chris at @CTMetz, and John @RidleyDragon, or

Have a great weekend and enjoy the wonderful world of sports!

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This week we talk about Football, MLB Divisional Series, Should College Players get paid, and what teams are probably moving.  Check us out on @IFormationCast on Twitter or on Facebook.  

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Hey there loyal listeners,

Welcome to Week 4.  We discuss NFL week 4 matchups, preview the NHL Season and MLB Playoffs, and listen to John Suffer.

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Hey there loyal listeners,

       Welcome to Week 3.  We discuss NFL week 3 matchups, MLB wild card race, some college football, and other sports related stories.

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