Illegal Formation

We briefly discuss the Final Four and the NCAA Championship.  Sorry Zags!  

Then, we dive in with an interview with Brian Tuohy, author of the books The Fix Is In: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NASCARLarceny Games: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing, and the FBIDisaster Government: National Emergencies, Continuity of Government and YouA Season in the Abyss: Sports Gambling Vs. the NFL's Integrity, and many contributions to Vice Sports and Bleacher Report.

Two books, mentioned in the pod, that inspired his writing are:

- Interference: How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football - by Dan Moldea

- They Call It A Game - by Bernie Parrish


After this interview, we want to leave you dear listeners with one thought: Pro Wrestling is honest in its existence as scripted entertainment and can pull in as much or more audience share per show than other major sports, so would the other major sports have anything to lose if they pulled back the curtain revealing whether or not they were scipted??  

Let us know your thoughts and get back to us via twitter.

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