Illegal Formation
Episode XV: Where Football Meets Bitcoins

Wait, what?  Yes, you read that correctly, that's where this episode goes.  If you can find the logical connection, don't be afraid to tweet us how we got there, because as I publish this podcast, I don't quite remember how.  You can find us @IFormationCast @CTMetz or @RidleyDragon , or leave a message on the Facebook page,

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This week, John and Chris talk about a horrible week of football, a horrible basketball team, and calmly discuss collisions at home plate.

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We don't talk about basketball, the Knicks, or the Nets. It's just too depressing. Instead we talk about week 12 of the NFL! And also about the Knicks. Because we're masochists.

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We talk about philosophy, sociology, and the wonders of Noam Chomsky. Just kidding, we talk mostly about football.

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We talk about week 10 lines, the Incognito-Martin Saga, College Football, Hockey, and basketball. 

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Please excuse this week's podcast as we had some difficulties in the making of it. I did my best to edit all the garbage out, but hey- you have some Easter eggs to look for! :-P

We talk NBA preview, Week 9 football, some hockey, and recap the World Series!

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Hey Folks,

      We go over the Week 8 lines, briefly talk about the World Series, and  address the sarcity of QBs in the NFL.

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This episode we talk about the Week 7 lines, extreme hypothetical trades, and hey, let's throw in some baseball, too!

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Hey guys,

While one half of our team is upset and sobbing in the corner, the other has been basking in his picks glory and enjoying his birthday!  We talk Week 6 lines, MLB NLCS, and WE HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST!!!! Chris' good friend, Brandon M Taylor, owner of Red Seven Sports, LLC.  He joins the conversation on his experience in sports, what inspired him to become a sports agent, and enlightens the listeners on some of his insights.

    Brandon is a certified NFLPA agent, MLS agent, and MLB recruiter.  Yes, we do talk soccer/football on our podcast! You can find Brandon on twitter: @Brandonmsm or @redsevensports. Also you can check out his website at

Don't forget to comment, review, favorite, etc. on iTunes, Tunein, or Stitcher. You can always find us on @IFormationCast, Chris at @CTMetz, and John @RidleyDragon, or

Have a great weekend and enjoy the wonderful world of sports!

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This week we talk about Football, MLB Divisional Series, Should College Players get paid, and what teams are probably moving.  Check us out on @IFormationCast on Twitter or on Facebook.  

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Hey there loyal listeners,

Welcome to Week 4.  We discuss NFL week 4 matchups, preview the NHL Season and MLB Playoffs, and listen to John Suffer.

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Hey there loyal listeners,

       Welcome to Week 3.  We discuss NFL week 3 matchups, MLB wild card race, some college football, and other sports related stories.

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Commentary on the last week results, Week 2 predictions, some baseball, and whether or not we should keep the kickoff rule.

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John and Chris introduce themselves, their week 1 predicitions, playoff projections, and other sports topics for the week ending on September 7th.  

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