Illegal Formation

Interesting week for Michigan football fans.  Detroit Lions are in the playoffs and have a decent shot against the Dallas Cowboys, especially with Suh suspension was brought down to a fine.  Jim Harbaugh was annouced as the new University of Michigan.  We also talk the rest of the picks for Wild Card playoff weekend, New Years Day bowl games, and introduce the "Cool Story, Bro" concluding segment.  

Also, John has developed a love of theme songs, and youll see why and more, here on the Illegal Formation.



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Ho ho ho!  Happy holidays everyone. Enjoy your Hanukkah bush or your Christmas tree.  Most teams are either in the playoffs or have no shot now. It's almost like the NFL edition of "Whose line is it anyway?"  For the NFC, the teams are locked up, just a matter of positioning due to common games.  We talk our picks for week 17, and somehow end the podcast talking about TV.  


Have you been naughty or nice this year?

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Chris has been having fever dreams after the Jets recent win and reality is setting in that Marcus is becoming further and further of a possibility.  Heck, even 3the nightmare inducing Jameis Winston seems unlikely.  Well, while he will be miserable for the next few years, it's time to talk picks!  Chris broke even and John, surprisingly, had a winning week!  We make our picks, playoff scenario discussions.  We take some time to discuss the legacy of Kobe and how it may have implications after passing MJ's points mark.



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Welcome to SickCast! Errr. well, that's what it will feel like when you listen in. It was a case of cold ContaJohn... ha ha ha.  We discuss the Week 15 lines and ALL of the College Bowl games. Yes, you read that right, ALL!  So this is an episode you are not going to want to miss! Although, you probably will want to miss on the being sick part.



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Thanksgiving week is in the books, some succeeded and other did not. For some NY Metro fans, the season is over and are already looking to hope in hockey, basketball, or, by gosh golly, baseball, some begrudging football fans continue on.   As we weep for our teams, we also pick and discuss the top performers and winners of this week. We then break into more continued discussion of the CFP and the current rankings, as well as the contenders who could sneak in and who might drop out.  

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Hey there Gang,

      So we haven't been having the best of luck picking our games, so many you can do your best to take heed what we say?  Well, to be honest, we are definitely thankful for you guys, our loving listeners.  Chris is thankful for John calling out her on air mistakes, like inverting 7 - 4 with 4 - 7 talking about the NFC South, sucha dreadful division.   John is thankful for Odell Beckham Jr.'s catch, keeping him watching football (and this awesome podcast).  

       As usual, we chat about our week 13 picks and what we think is going on for Rivalry Week for college football and possible College Football Playoff implications, and a quick minute with Thanksgiving Turkey Tips!


Hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving and stay safe for the holiday shopping, juke, jive, and shimmy if you have to..... or even if you want, too!



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So we are talking our depressing results from last week, our week 12 picks, college football chat, Mock Draft for 2015, and John's new segment: Gratitude Judgment!!!


Special Shoutout to Mike St. James and the Wines by the Flask Podcast! check them out!



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Who are you?


We are your friendly neighborhood football fans bringing you your week 11 picks and wrapping up how well we did in week 10.  We also start looking at the playoff picture as it begins to reveal itself.  Then we break into a college  review of the picture going on there.  You can catch Chris later coming out of the T.A.R.D.I.S.

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Hey Folks,

         We started out thinking that this would have been a short podcast, but it turns out we know how to go mucher further than intended. OH WELL! We go through the usual: a rundown of week 9, go through our picks for week 10, get pumped for an exciting weekend of college football, and other related sports news.

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It is an off week for us this week.  Chris and John have a been downturn in their picks performance as odd things happen in NFL. Perhaps it was the proximity to Halloween or perhaps it is the fact that it is all about "any given Sunday?"  It was also a seemingly so sports news week (I am bitter about how the World Series ended, as thrilling as the series was).  We do a rundown of some of the results from last week and make our picks for week 9.  It's the halfway point, everybody. Th season seems like it is flying by.

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Hey guys! We talk Week 8 lines and picks, John gets really excited for College Football (Chris created a monster),  and we briefly rundown the NBA preview, but we could always go more in depth if you need!  

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We congratulate the Royals on making it to the World Series, and sum up what we think is going to happen in the remainder of the the playoffs.  Then we get down to the brass tax taking about Week 7 lines and our picks.  We conclude with our picks and an update on college football.  

Stay tuned for the mentioned interview with Justin.


We have some really exciting stuff for you this week, hope you enjoy!



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We have Norm from the Dudes On Stuff podcast as we talk the start of the hockey season, who we think will do well, make the playoffs, and win the Cup.  We also break into our usual routine and talk Week 6 Football picks.


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This week we are honored with a guest, from The Legal Blitz (, Steve joins us as we gander deeper into the world of sports law.  We discuss social media for lawyers, the blurry line for agents and lawyers with respect to the NCAA, FIFA women's turf discrimination suit, and a multitude of NFL legal issues.  

Oh yeah, and your favorite weekly lines and picks!

You can reach us at:







Enjoy your day!


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Week 4 lines and picks.


Thank you, Captain!

- @IFormationCast

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Hey Folks,

     We are talking Week 2 disappointments, Week 3 picks....




Why is there a random.... *timeout* what? You don't belong there!  Stahhhhp!  We also briefly review some College games, and the College game of the week.

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Chris and John are back! They talk about Week 2 lines, Sanford College, and Bougie.

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Episode XIX:  Why we are a Football Podcast or Why Golf is the worst spectator sport

In this episode we cover the Final Four Championship, Northwestern NLRB ruling, start of baseball season, NHL and NBA playoff possibilities, NFL free agency, and something about Golf.

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John and Chris talk about, Carmelo Anthony, and Micheal Sam.

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Chris and John talk about, where Ryan Miller might be going, and Carmelo Anthony.

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Chris with the Super Bowl MVP Trophy

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Chris and John are back! We talk about Championship Sunday, A-Rod, and Upper Midwest Accents.

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