Illegal Formation

Hey guys! We talk Week 8 lines and picks, John gets really excited for College Football (Chris created a monster),  and we briefly rundown the NBA preview, but we could always go more in depth if you need!  

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We congratulate the Royals on making it to the World Series, and sum up what we think is going to happen in the remainder of the the playoffs.  Then we get down to the brass tax taking about Week 7 lines and our picks.  We conclude with our picks and an update on college football.  

Stay tuned for the mentioned interview with Justin.


We have some really exciting stuff for you this week, hope you enjoy!



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We have Norm from the Dudes On Stuff podcast as we talk the start of the hockey season, who we think will do well, make the playoffs, and win the Cup.  We also break into our usual routine and talk Week 6 Football picks.


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This week we are honored with a guest, from The Legal Blitz (, Steve joins us as we gander deeper into the world of sports law.  We discuss social media for lawyers, the blurry line for agents and lawyers with respect to the NCAA, FIFA women's turf discrimination suit, and a multitude of NFL legal issues.  

Oh yeah, and your favorite weekly lines and picks!

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