Illegal Formation

Hey there Gang,

      So we haven't been having the best of luck picking our games, so many you can do your best to take heed what we say?  Well, to be honest, we are definitely thankful for you guys, our loving listeners.  Chris is thankful for John calling out her on air mistakes, like inverting 7 - 4 with 4 - 7 talking about the NFC South, sucha dreadful division.   John is thankful for Odell Beckham Jr.'s catch, keeping him watching football (and this awesome podcast).  

       As usual, we chat about our week 13 picks and what we think is going on for Rivalry Week for college football and possible College Football Playoff implications, and a quick minute with Thanksgiving Turkey Tips!


Hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving and stay safe for the holiday shopping, juke, jive, and shimmy if you have to..... or even if you want, too!



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So we are talking our depressing results from last week, our week 12 picks, college football chat, Mock Draft for 2015, and John's new segment: Gratitude Judgment!!!


Special Shoutout to Mike St. James and the Wines by the Flask Podcast! check them out!



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Who are you?


We are your friendly neighborhood football fans bringing you your week 11 picks and wrapping up how well we did in week 10.  We also start looking at the playoff picture as it begins to reveal itself.  Then we break into a college  review of the picture going on there.  You can catch Chris later coming out of the T.A.R.D.I.S.

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Hey Folks,

         We started out thinking that this would have been a short podcast, but it turns out we know how to go mucher further than intended. OH WELL! We go through the usual: a rundown of week 9, go through our picks for week 10, get pumped for an exciting weekend of college football, and other related sports news.

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It is an off week for us this week.  Chris and John have a been downturn in their picks performance as odd things happen in NFL. Perhaps it was the proximity to Halloween or perhaps it is the fact that it is all about "any given Sunday?"  It was also a seemingly so sports news week (I am bitter about how the World Series ended, as thrilling as the series was).  We do a rundown of some of the results from last week and make our picks for week 9.  It's the halfway point, everybody. Th season seems like it is flying by.

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