Illegal Formation

In this episode, John forgets to put the podcast up on time, gets 2 upsets right and one upset incredibly wrong. Chris is less wrong.

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John and Chris wrap up the 2016 season by talking about the greatest super bowl in history, the greatest coach/qb in history, and the opposite of the greatest owner in history.

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wait, the LI does not mean Long Island? 



It means 51? Oh darn! Well we chat this week about the game, our picks, all of the exotic bets that surround the Super Bowl this year.  Hopefully it will be a sign that the best of you will be picking smartly.  You can win HUGE, bigly!  This is not an alternative fact, that is for sure!


We are going to make it after all!


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The boys are back after a week long siesta. They discuss the NFL Playoffs so far, Championship week, and John Gruden coming out of the bullpen.

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Chris and John go wild on this episode of the Illegal Formation Podcast. So Wild, that it's totally uncut and unedited!

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As 2016 comes to a close, we get a visit to the studio by our good friend and resident expert Ryan.  Be amazed as he lays down the knowledge regarding his picks, along with ours, for the last week of the regular season.  With three people on the show, do we go off the rails? Tune in to find out!

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The Giants win the Cadillac and the Coffee for closing, The Jets close and all they got was a lousy set of steak knives, and Jeff Fisher came in third place and won "You're Fired".

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The episode you've all been waiting for returns. Much like the Simpson's Treehouse of Horror




The real winners of the bowl games is Middle Tennessee because they have spent consecutive years in both Bahamas and Hawaii.  Talk about school sponsored vacations! We chat Week 14 NFL games and predictions for each of the Bowl Games!

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John and Chris are back at it again! They talk about Ohio State creating sadness, sports owners, and of course, predict the week 13 lines.

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At long last the boys are back in town! This week Chris and John talk about Week 11 NFL Lines, Attempt to talk about hockey advanced stats, and put the podcast up really late in the week!

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